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Hacken CyberSecurity Ecosystem is a company that provides a wide range of cybersecurity services that meet customer needs. Hacken offers mature solutions that enhance the operational and business productivity of customers, following a converged, modern cybersecurity approach to protecting IT infrastructure. The. company was founded in 2017.

The idea of the project[edit]

The idea of the Hacken project is to create a platform on which everyone can get services from white hackers. Previously, there were no such projects, and in essence, the platform is one of a kind. In addition to the immediate function - vulnerability assessment of information products - Hacken Ecosystem is a link between the blockchain space and white hackers. The project promotes hacker ethics and legitimate research on programs and networks. White hackers are specialists who test computer systems to improve security. Unlike malicious hackers, ethical hackers bring enormous benefits to various projects and networks: they check the system for vulnerabilities and “holes” through which damage can occur to the system itself or its users. Nowadays, the methods of “ethical hacking” are being used more and more often, the services of such hackers are in demand, especially when various blockchain projects have spread Cybersecurity experts are behind the creation of the Hacken project, in particular, the organizers of the largest cybersecurity conference HackIT in Europe, the largest white hacker conference in Europe. The digital tokens they created called Hacken (HKN) they are positioned as the system’s internal currency, for which settlements between platform clients and cybersecurity experts will occur

Hacken token (HKN)[edit]

Hacken also has its own cryptocurrency. As for the HKN cryptocurrency itself, it provides for the possibility of constant exchange rate growth and increased liquidity. Payments for the services of the Haken platform by fiat or other cryptocurrencies are not provided, and after operations with HKN half of the funds are removed from the system, and the other is returned to the market again. Thus, in the future, it is planned to increase the demand for tokens, but their number will decrease all the time, which will maintain the stability of the system. The Hacken token is written on the Ethereum platform in the ERC20 format.


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