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Louis Stuart Routledge (born 24 May 1993), professionally known as Hammy Havoc, is a British singer-songwriter, producer, DJ, and film score composer.

Early life[edit]

Routledge was born in Chester, United Kingdom, the son of Judith Desrosiers (née Malaney) and Stuart Routledge, who later divorced after moving from Eastham, Merseyside to Hoylake. Routledge attended Calday Grange Grammar School.


Extended Plays[edit]

Title EP details
Kickstart <br />
Asplosion <br />
Divine Debris<br />
Mr. Skip <br />
Sleepwalking to Oblivion <br />


Year Artist Track Title
2014 Amanya Amariel "Love Clouds" The Orion Correlation Remix
2015 Lost & Found "Horns of a Heart" The Orion Correlation Remix

Unreleased Edits And Remixes[edit]

Year Artist Track Title
2014 Lost & Found "Feed Your Soul" The Orion Correlation Remix
Lost & Found "Mean Mother" The Orion Correlation Remix
Late Cambrian "Ryan Gosling" The Orion Correlation Remix
Late Cambrian "Walk of Shame" The Orion Correlation Remix
Yuzo Koshiro "Dilapidated Town" The Orion Correlation Remix
Yuzo Koshiro "Syndicate" The Orion Correlation Remix
One Direction "You & I" The Orion Correlation Remix
Dr. Dre "The Next Episode" The Orion Correlation Remix
5 Seconds of Summer "She Looks So Perfect" The Orion Correlation Remix
5 Seconds of Summer "Heartache On The Big Screen" The Orion Correlation Remix
Echo & the Bunnymen "The Killing Moon" The Orion Correlation Remix
Shakira "Whenever, Wherever" The Orion Correlation Remix
2015 Lost & Found "Give Me Just A Little" The Orion Correlation Remix
Wheatus "Teenage Dirtbag" The Orion Correlation Remix
The Pharcyde "Passin' Me By" The Orion Correlation Remix
GoldLink "Divine ft. Kali Uchis" The Orion Correlation Remix
BrokeNCYDE "FiRE!!!" The Orion Correlation Remix
Busdriver "Imaginary Places" The Orion Correlation Remix
James Newton Howard feat. Jennifer Lawrence "The Hanging Tree" The Orion Correlation Remix
2016 Drake "One Dance" The Orion Correlation Remix

Musical Style & Influence[edit]

Routledge is influenced by music from many genres, his electronic music as The Orion Correlation is influenced by tech house, intelligent dance music, and chiptune, his songs frequently featuring sprechgesang vocals and field recordings inspired by musique concrète. Routledge claims personal friend Brendan B. Brown of Wheatus to have been a "huge" influence on his music, to have been "seriously" inspired by Marillion and Sublime, and that he "loves" Eels.

Film, TV & video game composition[edit]

Routledge has scored several commercials that feature synthesisers and found objects as the primary instruments. Routledge scored Tomorrow May Never Come (2014), and Goatman (2017).

Video games
Year Title Role Co-worker(s)
2017 All Walls Must Fall Music Lost & Found

Production Credits[edit]

Year Artist Album Song(s) Notes
2013 S.E.F. M-O-E Remixed "M-O-E (Lost & Found's Rave Mix)" Mastering Engineer
Lost & Found Throwback EP "Woman Issues" Mastering Engineer
2014 Lost & Found Transition EP "Badger Racing"<br />"F HOES"<br />"Mighty Love" Mastering Engineer
Denham Audio High Storrs

"Contact (Lost & Found Remix)"

Mastering Engineer
Lost & Found v Kash Parmar feat. Kisela Berice Honorarium EP


Mastering Engineer
Lost & Found New Beginnings EP "Lana's Lies" <br /> "Heard Word" <br /> "Want No Man" Mastering Engineer
2015 Lost & Found Horns of a Heart "Horns of a Heart"<br />"Horns of a Heart (Stratton Remix"<br />"Horns of a Heart (The Orion Correlation Remix)" Mastering Engineer
2016 Lost & Found Never Goodbye "Talking Reckless (feat. Sophie)"<br />"Modern Prometheus"<br />"Hot 4 Cash" Mastering Engineer
Lost & Found Talisman

"Back to Work"

"Settle Down"

Mastering Engineer
2017 Lost & Found Refined "Crazy Chicks"

"Live Life"

Mastering Engineer

Business & Career[edit]

The software development and marketing agency Split An Atom was founded in 2011 by Routledge, and the digital publication Previous Magazine was founded in January 2011, Routledge serves as chief executive officer for both companies.

Routledge founded the open-source record label Voidance Records with Ali Amel in October 2013, they both contributed a remix of their own to the label's first release, Love Clouds. "Character Assassination" from the second release, Divine Debris, was premiered in Ministry of Sound, London on 23 June 2014, previews of the other tracks, including another remix from Amel, were uploaded to SoundCloud in the weeks that followed before Divine Debris was released on 5 September 2014.

Routledge acted as technical consultant to Arlington, a novel by anonymous American author Winston.

Personal life[edit]

Routledge currently resides in Hoylake, United Kingdom. Routledge is a privacy advocate and cypherpunk.



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