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HealthNet is a social network that unites people keeping a healthy lifestyle, who in exchange for their sports achievements receive the HealthCoin cryptocurrency. From the technical point of view, HealthNet is a software complex created on the basis of the Blockchain-platform BitShares, which provides interaction between the parties, as well as a team that supports and develops it. The process of receiving HealthCoin for sports achievements is implemented using the unique consensus PoSport (Proof of Sport), where Sport is the physical activity of the participant, registered by any specialized program-tracker. The primary means of exchange in the Network is the HealthCoin coins (HCS), which are the units of health. HCS are accrued for the Participants' training and are used to pay for the services of the Network and Partners. The HealthNet network includes many elements as follows: - social network - ratings - Premium Status - market with products and services of the partners - aggregator of sports events - charity - HealthCoin exchanger - global bonus system The main idea of HealthNet is to encourage people to regularly engage in physical activity (running, cycling, swimming), by adding material and non-material motivation through network tools.

Health Token – is a HealthNet network token based on Ethereum Blockchain. HealthToken gives its owner the following possibilities: - Premium Status - Exchange for HealthCoin - Maximum reward for training - Participation in the project development - Voting for the appointment of Delegates and Workers (see White Paper) - Exclusive offers in the Marketplace - Discounts for Network services - Access to Restricted HealthNet Statistics - Special support line HealthToken (HT) – ERC-20 Smart-contact address: 0xcd48a3965c404bc02d275645ecc9433c25905b1f Token symbol: HT Number of decimal signs: 18 Total amount: 30 000 000 HT 1 Health Token = 1 USD or 0,004 ETH (the price can vary with a large ETH volatility) Token Sale start: August 20, 2018. Finish: No time limit Hard cap: No Soft cap: No Bonuses: 1-st stage –from 20.08.2018 till 30.09.2018 – 25 % 2-d stage – from 01.10.2018 till 31.10.2018 – 15 % 3-d этап – from 01.11.2018 till 30.11.2018 – 5 % Bonuses from the volume: From 10 ETH - 5 % From 50 ETH - 10 % From 100 ETH - 15 % Referral system: Provided.

Possibility to buy HealthToken for ETH, BTC. Slogan: HealthToken is a revolution in the world of sport and health.

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