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healthbank is revolutionising how personal health data is exchanged, stored and monetized. Health data today is complex – it often is stored in closed ecosystems, sits dormant, is nearly never seen by the end user – the patient. Exchanging personal health data is difficult – patients and care providers rarely have a complete record of an individual. healthbank provides an independent and neutral solution, that only the user has access to.


Over the last couple of years, it became common understanding that Digital Health technologies will foster growth opportunities, for all relevant stakeholders in the market: through personalized medicine, patients can benefit from enhanced services and better care. Through fast decision support systems and streamlined processes, doctors can spend more time with what’s most important to them: the patients. The current markets are, however, far from being innovative and user friendly. The challenges in digital health can be summarized in three main items: health data is heavily siloed without the interoperability that would be needed. health data is subject to various and significant regulations. health data is subject to severe security, compliance, and data ownership issues. One particular aspect to mention in this context is data protection. Europe’s new data privacy regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018, and changed the market completely. From then on, no personal data must ever be stored, processed and exchanged without the explicit and informed consent of each respective user. This is where healthbank brings change to the market: by operating a health data exchange platform, it connects different stakeholders in the health ecosystem – if the user wishes so. healthbank provides an independent and neutral solution that only the user himself has access to. And it processes and exchanges data with other people only, if the user chooses to. The healthbank team is further convinced that users can get incentivized to actively engage in generating, storing, and sharing their data through fair rewards. Everybody is talking about “data as the oil of the 21st century” – and healthbank believes the users and owners of this data deserve their fair share. healthbank therefore helps the users monetizing their data through rewards for sharing. healthbank believes that by doing so, it brings significant cost savings in the healthcare sector, whilst fully complying with a maximum of data protection and data control. This in turn will enable real innovation through co-creation.

Product Highlights[edit]

healthbank’s solution consists of two main dimensions: The first dimension is the personal health data management console (healthbank user platform or on a mobile device as app), on which the user can manage all their health data sources, access the data connected to their account and – through our granular and dynamic consent management – share those data with people and organizations of their choice. The second dimension are the health services applications, which can be connected to the personal account for secure, neutral, and independent data storage and management. Both dimensions and their benefits for the user will be described more fully here:

DIMENSION 1: PERSONAL HEALTH DATA MANAGEMENT CONSOLE The core of the healthbank application is the user platform, that enables the user to manage their health data effectively and efficiently. The platform is up and running and currently being revised to a version 2.0, including an enhanced security and scalability architecture. The central visualization of health data is being shown in a timeline approach, where the user can see different data sources, and their current results in a timely order. In the user’s dashboard, all connect- ed services apps (dimension 2) can be accessed and controlled, which builds the first tier of the consent management(connection and storing consent). The benefits for the user from using healthbank as their health data management console, are: Complete Health History: healthbank helps the user to build their very own and complete health history by adding. Full Health Spectrum: healthbank does more than a classic eHealth system and combines the best from both worlds: medical health data as well as user generated health data like trackers or other IoT devices. Good Decisions: Through our privacy by design and default principle, the user can easily and well-informed decide which data source to connect to healthbank and which not. Maximum Security: Through our end-to-end encryption as well as high- end security architecture, healthbank provides one of the safest solutions for long-term healthdata storage and management in the market. Full Data Control: its only the user that controls their data. Without their consent, no data is being shared with services, apps or other stakeholders connected. Full Data Protection: Due to the consent management as our core functionality on the platform, no health data ever leaves the user’s account without an explicit and well informed consent. This is what we call state-of-the-art data protection. healthbank is a very efficient way to extend national or regional eHealth solutions. We provide the value and benefit of existing and new consumer health services. We bridge the gap between the need to optimize cost for primary care delivery, and the best health services based on all existing personal health data.

DIMENSION 2: CONNECTED SERVICES APPLICATIONS The biggest added value for the user, next to the functionalities given by the management console, will be provided by products and services from connected ecosystem partners. For those ecosystem partners, healthbank is providing a secure, neutral and independent data backend, as well as data management services.

HBE Token[edit]

healthbank Initial Token Offering launch is scheduled for the Q3/2018 to finance development of the healthbank ecosystem. healthbank will issue the HBE Token, which will hold financial equity rights of healthbank cooperative (Anteilsscheine) and include dividends. Financial equity rights have no voting rights per se. The issuer of the Tokens is healthbank cooperative. HBE Token investors have the option to exchange HBE Tokens to HBC Tokens for healthcare services and to exchange HBE tokens in the public market. 1. Blockchain: The HBE Token is implemented as a standard ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are issued through a crowdsale (ICO) smart contract to Crypto and Fiat investors, who are compliant to KYC/ AML rules defined by FINMA. 2. HBC Token: The HBC Token is an internal token and can only be used within the healthbank platform to a) redeem for health services b) receive for services or health data exchanged by individual users or c) exchanged 1 to 1 for HBE Tokens. HBC Token is meant to incentive ecosystem stakeholders to exchange health data and develop services on the healthbank platform.

The Token Sale[edit]

Token Information healthbank
healthbank Token HBE
Role of the token HBE is an ERC20 equity token which represents a share of healthbank cooperative
Maximum supply 4’000’000’000
For sale 2’200’000’000
Price 1 HBE = CHF 0.0143
Pre-ICO period September 17th 2018
ICO November 13th 2018
Accepted currencies ETH / CHF

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