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Hive Power will help to solve one of the most common problems — excessive production of energy.


It is a unique platform that uses modern blockchain technology for its work, which can provide new and unique opportunities for each user. Such a project will allow all owners of autonomous energy sources with excess product to sell everything at quite favorable prices. Most recently, all energy networks acted as monopolists and the price was set by themselves, which was accepted. This was due to the lack of any competition. But thanks to a modern and revolutionary platform, everyone can get absolutely new opportunities to work in this field. Unfortunately, the work of such a platform is 100% carried out only in Western countries.


It is worth noting the most important features of this platform:

  • The Hive Power project is divided into several communities. The basis of the creation of such communities is the principle of territorial proximity. This principle of operation simplifies the work of all users, as well as the exchange of generated energy. Such a huge number of different communities guarantees effective and normal work, and the problem of monopolies will be solved immediately. Everything takes place on the modern and honest conditions of business policy.
  • The user interface in this information system is quite simple, which ensures the most effective work of each member of the community. All users can easily deal with all the features and capabilities without any great effort.
  • All electricity generated by each user can be easily sold or even exchanged.
  • Thanks to the latest blockchain technology, all data and information is securely stored. Excluded the possibility of tampering or even fraud.
  • A very large team of developers, engineers, advisers has been assembled for the platform, who have made every effort to bring the project to the final stage and also greatly simplify the operation of autonomous power producers.

The work of the platform is fully decentralized, nobody can make any adjustments or changes, no process and functionality will be broken.

Principle of operation[edit]

It is the first platform that can work in this segment of the market. It provides features for many users that were previously unavailable. When creating the service, all the errors previously made by other organizations were taken into account to make the platform as integrated and accessible as possible. Such a strategy will not cause problems with normal access to functionality and features in the future. Every year the level of popularity of alternative energy sources increases exponentially. It is this platform that will be able to easily manage the process of implementing the remains of the generated energy. The technology that is used is very comfortable and allows everyone to enjoy all the benefits from the work.


The internal platform currency, which is used for all possible operations - HVT. The price is only 0,25 USD. Developed on the basis of cryptocurrency Ethereum.


The team has gathered all the minds in the field of blockchain technology, engineering, alternative energy sources, and there are a lot of advisors, lawyers, marketers who help to promote this project in the market of modern technologies.


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