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Humanixr logo
Humanixr ICO Review
Humanixr ICO
Ticker: HNX
ICO start: 2018-06-20 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-07-20 00:00:00
Price: 1 HNX = 0.004 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 20,000,000 HNX
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 30,000,000 USD
Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 40%
Accepting: ETH

HumanixR is a Decentralized Application (DApp) built on top of Ethereum Blockchain that seeks to incentivize human interaction and pass on majority of the benefits to the community.

The overall theme is to leverage the community to provide humans with real time and personalized content – enriching lives and enhancing experiences. It represents the the next evolution of social networks and technology.


HumanixR is a decentralized application (DApp) built on Ethereum Blockchain. HumanixR is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional methods of social human interaction over current famous social media networks
HumanixR is a completely transparent platform where each user can help any other user and get rewarded for the help they provide.
HumanixR is the next stage in the evolution of human interaction over the internet. With the advent of Blockchain technology combined with the trust of smart contracts we are trying to give back what every human deserves -control and rewards for their effort.
They are at a time in the history of humankind when we have the opportunity to use technology for the greater good of the community.  For too long the data pertaining to people's interaction over the internet has been monetized and used by corporations while the real content creators or users get nothing but only a platform to connect with each other.
HumanixR intends to disrupt this traditional model and give back to the users or the community through our unique revolutionary DApp.
At HumanixR we are trying to leverage the power of people and the information each individual possesses. They at HumanixR will give people a means to create dynamic content in real time based on the needs of their peers while getting rewarded for creating information within the network.
To demonstrate the platform and be profitable from the word “Go”, we will build a DApp over the human network, “HumanixR”. HumanixR is a mobile application, which facilitates human interaction incentivizes it.
HumanixR is a self-sustaining dynamic content ecosystem where the whole community is in charge and gets paid for the information they create.
The basic economic motive of HumanixR is to reward all the users for the valuable content they create. The revenue model revolves around Targeted and unobtrusive Advertisements.


2017 Q3: • Idea Inception • Product Description
2018 Q2 : • “Go Live” • Stability Releases
2018 Q4 : • Expand Platform • Support for ETH based Rewards
2019 : • Add More Rewards Platform • Build In house Ad - Platform • Enable BOT based Interactions[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Yasar Siddiqui CEO & Founder Yasar Siddiqui photo 3.1
Ahmed Shervani COO, Co-founder Ahmed Shervani photo 3.1
Ishrat Masood Head, Projects & Co-founder Ishrat Masood photo 3.1
Ewelina Jurzyk Head, Finance Ewelina Jurzyk photo 3.1
Anna Korzeniowska Community Manager Anna Korzeniowska photo 3.1
Ebad Ashfaque Head, Marketing Ebad Ashfaque photo 3.1

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