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Hustle App Project – is a free goal-oriented project to introduce blockchain technology into health and fitness.

The Hustle App is designed to reward for participating in fitness, staying healthy. It offers to earn token bonuses for helping others to stay fit & healthy through group fitness and exercise. It includes a built-in wallet and token transfer to convert HUSL Tokens to BTC, ETH., or USD.

This service motivates through group fitness and support. Users also have the option to be connected with professional athletes, trainers, and healthy food providers to assist users with their training & diet to attain goals.

The Hustle Token[edit]

The HUSL token is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain. Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000

The HUSL token Usage[edit]

  • Connection to significant brand name, clothing and fitness-wear
  • Promotion of health, fitness, and wellness; to provide earned rewards
  • Connection to fitness center membership or discounts
  • Connection to Healthy Chef designed meal planning services
  • Reward participants for participating in fitness training
  • Options of token conversion and transfer

Vendors Benefits[edit]

  • Vendors accepting the HUSL Token will be included in the app and will have direct client contact.
  • Typical vendors discounts can be awarded as a benefit to the HUSL App users, thus creating a vendor-user direct connection
  • Vendor can provide certified fitness trainers to users, also creating the vendor-user relationship.

Bonus Structure for HUSL IEO[edit]

  • Round 1 IEO : 50% bonus
  • Round 2 IEO : 30% bonus
  • Round 3 IEO : 20% bonus

Token Distribution[edit]

  • Public sale/IEO - 15%
  • Reserve - 15%
  • Development - 10%
  • Marketing/Advertisement - 12%
  • Founders/Team - 12%
  • Public - 36%

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