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ICOBazaar is one the top ICO listing platforms, providing independent rating and reviews of trending ICOs. ICO listed database is 3000+ projects with over $ 1 bln raised.

ICOBazaargives access to 120 000 active investors offering diverse marketing options for ICO Owners.


Founded in 2017, initially ICOBazaar has been working as ICO listing resource, introducing a rating system based on the assessments of leading industry experts and unique weight adjusted formula.


Currently ICOBazaar database consists of more than 3000 projects adding over 400 projects and ICO statistics to provide investors with the latest and accurate data every month. Monthly statistical reports broadly cover the industry trends and allow forecasting the development lines of the industry, analyzing tons of key market characteristics: amount of money raised, number of projects by period, country, categories, typical duration of ICOs, rating tendencies and much more.

Independent Rating[edit]

The ICObazaar rating system is intended to evaluate the overall quality and viability of the product, team, and technical implementation behind any given ICO.

The rating consists of a weight adjusted formula with five factors, each of which evaluates some separate aspect of the project/ICO - the weight of each factor was determined by ICObazaar’s experienced blockchain and finance professionals and reflects the perceived relative importance of each one. The sixth factor consists of the rating score (on a scale of 0-5) made by an industry expert advisor/investor separate from the ICObazaar team.

The factors evaluated during expertize are:

  • Project Idea + Whitepaper
  • Team
  • Media + Community
  • Technical Implementation
  • Website


ICOBazaar offers a wide range of services for both ICO teams and users of the platform.

The site allows a free listing of ICO projects, a listing with an assessment of our experts, as well as a number of promo options that provide greater visibility of the project on the site, including coverage in the social network and the publication of a detailed review.

For users ICOBazaar offers email notification service on specific campaigns as well as market opportunities and more general updates from the crowdsale world.


The ICOBazaar blog responds to key industrial issues and combines trend lighting, useful crypto community tips, breaking news, as well as detailed monthly reports with its own statistics.

ICOBazaar is active on social networks, presented in Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bitcoitalk forum, Quora and Reddit.

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