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ICO Alert - is the only trusted ICO Discovery Platform maintaining the list of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.


ICO Alert serves several hundred thousand unique users and sends ICO Alert emails to notify them when new ICOs go live. Moreover, ICO Alert has published more than 50 in-depth reports with past, active, and upcoming ICOs. ICO Alert's goal is to help connect top-tier projects with influential network leaders, to assist and showcase the top projects within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems to propel them forward.

History of Foundation[edit]

Mike Finch- ICO Alert Co-Founder.png

ICO Alert was found in Apr 2017 by Rob Finch and began as one of the first ICO-focused websites, offering ICO information for retail and institutional investors. Today, ICO Alert is one of the most reliable and most seasoned brands in the crypto and blockchain industry.

ICO Alert Team[edit]

  • Mike Finch – Co – Founder & COO
  • Zach Quezada – Business Development
  • Dimitry Chesnokov – Business Development
  • Andrea Finch – Marketing Lead

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