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Bounty Program – ICO Marketing

Bounty programs (bounty campaigns) are the possibility to receive tokens of blockchain start-ups without investing one’s own funds.

For this, a company that goes to the ICO offers to perform certain actions focused on the start-up popularization and attraction of new users, and pays for them with tokens.

Usually each task is specified as concretely as possible and estimated in a fixed number of tokens. For example, the more followers you have on Twitter and Facebook, the more tokens will be brought to you by the reposts.

Task examples within bounty programs[edit]

1. Following and reposts in social networks.

2. Writing reviews and posts about the new project.

3. Publication of the materials about the start-up in the mass media.

4. Application tasks (design, testing, forum moderation, translation of texts into other languages etc.).

Search of bounty programs[edit]

Usually each start-up, which goes to the ICO, develops its own bounty program, allocating a fixed part of its tokens for it (usually no more than some percent) and setting precise terms of the program action.

The information about these programs can be found on the websites of the start-ups as well as in the thematic blogs (for example, How to choose a bounty program

When making the decision whether you are going to participate in a bounty program or not, you should pay attention to several factors:

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1. Reliability of the start-up itself. Although you won’t give your money to scammers, they will take your time.

2. How well the tasks are specified. It is better to have a precise technical task at once than face the need to perform many times more than you expected.

3. How well these tasks suit you. You should estimate your strength objectively and take those tasks that you can really complete well.

4. How many participants of the bounty program are registered in total. If a lot of users participate in the bounty program already, then chances are that the tokens allocated for its funding, will be divided among all of them. This means that each of them will get a small piece of “cake”. In this situation, those who have registered among the first ones may have an advantage.


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