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IPA Equities

IPA Equities LLC (IPA) - is a global private equity firm headquartered in Los Angeles, California, specialized in investing and building its portfolio through joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions of companies in diverse industries.


The company was founded in 1999 by Keith Herman (CEO) - entrepreneur, public keynote speaker, and business growth expert in the sphere of blockchain, technology and innovation.

IPA Equities in Blockchain[edit]

Since its inception, IPA has been engaged in the areas of blockchain technology, cloud computing, business technology, financial business services, information and technology, mobile solutions, intellectual property, public relations, film production, real estate and software development. Transactions have included both public and private owners and sellers.

Representative transactions have included new corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, limited partnerships, mergers and acquisitions.

IPA invests in a variety of projects, focused on the blockchain space including philanthropic and sustainability projects, all of which have the same goal: increasing the quality of people’s lives.

Presently in the works is the development of a blockchain-based healthcare staffing platform, designed to make the process of staffing healthcare professionals more effective and cost-efficient. With the use of AI technology, doctors, nurses, and technicians will be placed in the most suitable positions according to their experience and qualifications, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and performance, and in turn, better healthcare for patients.

In the realm of sustainability projects, IPA is investing in hydrogen-powered technologies, the byproducts of which are 95% recyclable. “Hydrogen power is just starting to surface. There are a couple of car companies that have released hydrogen-powered cars, and there is a tremendous amount of opportunities in that space with that technology,” says Herman.

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