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Most of the following Bitcoin-related IRC channels are available on Freenode:

Please read: Bitcoin IRC Channel Guidelines before joining.

Bitcoin Project[edit]

IRC Chat For Beginners
Channel Description
bitcoin General Bitcoin-related discussion and support. ( guidelines).
bitcoin-dev Bitcoin software development. (history. guidelines)
bitcoin-commits Real-time notification of commits to Bitcoin projects.
bitcoin-core-dev Bitcoin Core only version of bitcoin-commits.
bitcoin-gaming Bitcoin gamers hangout.
bitcoin-gentoo Gentoo community.
bitcoin-marketing Marketing and promotion of bitcoin
bitcoin-news RSS News related to Bitcoin.
bitcoin-politics Discuss politics with other Bitcoin users.
bitcoin-pricetalk ALL Discussion Remotely Related to Bitcoin Price or other offtopic goes here
bitcoin-watch Streaming Bitcoin transactions, including market data.
bitcoin-wiki BitcoinWiki support
bitcoin-wizards Bitcoin experts and futurists (history)
lightning-dev Lightning protocol development
lnd Lightning only version of bitcoin-commits
sidechains-dev Sidechains development

Local communities[edit]

bitcoin-otc-eu European OTC trading marketplace.
bitcoin-otc-ru Russian OTC trading marketplace.
bitcoin-otc-uk United kingdom OTC Trading Marketplace.Founder Angus Bates.
bitcoin-aus Aussie bitcoin community.
AustinBitcoin Austin, TX bitcoin community.
bitcoin-bra Brazilian bitcoin community.
bitcoin-cad Canadian bitcoin community.
bitcoin-cn Chinese bitcoin community.
bitcoin-dk Danish bitcoin community.
bitcoin-de German bitcoin community.
bitcoin-eastcoastusa East Coast USA bitcoin community.
bitcoin-il Israeli bitcoin community.
bitcoin-nl Dutch bitcoin community.
bitcoin-pl Polish bitcoin community.
bitcoin-romania Romanian bitcoin community.
bitcoin-ve Venezuelan bitcoin community. Russian bitcoin community. @ IRCNet Finnish bitcoin community.
bitcoin-hr Croatian language bitcoin community.

Mining Related Communities[edit]

Channel Description
avalon Discussion and support specific to Avalon mining machine
bitcoin-mining Discussion and support related to mining.
bitcoin-fpga Discussion and support specific to FPGA mining.
btcguild BTC Guild mining pool community
butterflylabs Butterfly Labs chat
cgminer Discussion and support specific to CGMiner.
eligius Eligius mining pool community (also support for BFGMiner and Eloipool) Slush's mining pool community
ozcoin mining pool community
IRC Web Pool
p2pool P2Pool decentralized mining pool
bitminter BitMinter Mining Pool Community
kncminer KnCMiner ASIC Mining Hardware Vendor Discussion
triplemining Triplemining mining pool community

Communities for Exchanges and Trading[edit]

Channel Description
bitcoin-assets Discussion of securities and other asset investments.
bitcoin-assets-trades Streaming assets market data (only), no chat.
bitcoin-auction Live auctions over IRC.
bitcoin-market Streaming market data (only), no chat.
bitcoin-otc Over-the-counter trading marketplace and discussion. (history)
bitcoin-escrow Third party escrow agents.
bitcoin-otc-ticker Streaming market data form the bitcoin-otc order book.
bitcoin-otc-ratings Updates to ratings on the bitcoin-otc Web of Trust.
bitcoin-pit Only over-the-counter trading.
bitcoin-wot|bitcoin-wot Distributed Web of Trust (WoT) system for bitcoin-otc. Russian community discussion about trades/exchanges.
coinbase Coinbase chat
bitcoin-rt Real-time tape (executed trades).
localbitcoins-chat Local Bitcoins exchange support
Coinabul Coinabul's customer support and news channel. Selling gold and silver for Bitcoin.

Related Communities[edit]

Channel Description
opentransactions Open Transactions project.
namecoin Namecoin and the Dot-bit project.
twister Twister, P2P microblogging discussion.
joinmarket JoinMarket, A CoinJoin implementation
darkwallet DarkWallet and libbitcoin/Obelisk discussion & development channel.
electrum Electrum, lightweight bitcoin client.
copay Copay, lightweight bitcoin client.
bitcoin-stackexchange Discussion complementing Bitcoin StackExchange.

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