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IXTUS Edutainment

BACKGROUND IXTUS Edutainment is introducing “Little Detective” an interactive edutainment platform, which takes current multimedia education formats a step further. Targeted at preschool to lower primary school children from 3 to 8 years of age, the blockchain-powered “Little Detective” can be accessed conveniently through various devices on multiple platforms anywhere in the world as long as there is connectivity. “Little Detective” will allow our children in the preschool years to enjoy observing, exploring and discovering the world. To develop thinkers and life-long learners, we need to nurture children from the start, to learn-to-think and to think-to-learn. This platform has Bi-lingual capabilities that could teach English in mother tongue with the assistance of cute interactive animated fairies.

Some of the key unique selling propositions of the product include:

  • First edutainment platform available on the blockchain;
  • Robust IP protection provided by the blockchain infrastructure;
  • Unique bounty sharing scheme rewarding quality content contributors (educators/professionals);
  • Advanced software features;
  • Covers critical features of a quality preschool curriculum, and
  • Endorsement by Early Childhood Education professional.

TECHNOLOGY Our research shows that education platforms are rapidly evolving to engage learners via technology. With the blockchain technology ensuring a tamper proof content, token based, transparency and accountability, “Little Detective” will take interactive edutainment concept that takes current available multimedia education formats a step further.

EXPERT "Little Detective" is endorsed by Dr. Jane Ching Kwan, a prominent child educational expert.

GEOGRAPHY Our curriculum is based on the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework developed by the Ministry Of Education in Singapore. It includes the critical features of a quality preschool curriculum. This project will be targeting China as the main market, as well as countries that does not have English as their mother tongue.

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