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InRating is a totally new social network.


Main features of the project:

  • all users are real people. The program involves a function that is able to recognize the real person. The number of fake pages is significantly reduced;
  • communication with people from any country in the world. For this purpose, special functions are used, which are able even in chats to translate the text into other languages;
  • the present rating for all users. For this purpose, some mathematical model and blockchain technology are used;
  • ability to get some rewards on your page;
  • the possibility to create special events or even contests. These are special competitions for some companies or even organizations;
  • the presence of own coin called INCoin, which is used to make all the calculations of the network;
  • own wallet that runs on blockchain technology;
  • the opportunity to use the project as a special place to promote own services and even advertising;
  • availability of some game offers.


The main advantages of the service:

  • using special messengers that have the function of translation of all texts;
  • monetization of accounts;
  • absence of fake accounts;
  • both virtual and real communication between users;
  • different filters to perform searches on the site.


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