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Inbot has been developed to help any company, both small and large, to conduct successful referral programs.


A lot of different companies around the world hold promotions or even referral programs in order to increase the number of future customers. Thus, the referral program provides a very wide range of opportunities for the business sector. It is very difficult to conduct a truly successful and good referral program. Main reasons:

  • the need to develop own business plan;
  • constant thoughts about payment;
  • maintain all user reporting;
  • creation of a special database for users and referrals.

Inbot is built to fight all these problems.

Principle of operation[edit]

The platform is quite simple to use. To get started, users just need to contact the responsible consultants who will help to integrate this solution to any activity. The algorithm of working with the platform is as follows:

  • a small organization wants to significantly increase the number of its customers;
  • it creates an appeal to the company Inbot, which creates special algorithms to start a good referral program;
  • reporting and audits are conducted on the platform itself;
  • after the referral program ends, each participant is rewarded for their work with tokens, which are easily exchanged for conventional funds.


Internal token of the platform, InToken, is developed using Ethereum blockchain. The price of one coin is only 0.01 Euro.


The main advantage of such a system is that it can provide the best innovative solutions for both small and large businesses. Important advantages of the platform:

  • the blockchain technology provides full transparency of all processes;
  • availability of ready and tested working algorithms;
  • every aspect is thought out to the slightest detail;
  • each token holder receives dividends;
  • the platform token can be easily exchanged for other funds.


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