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Why Incodium[edit]

The Cryptocurrency Market The cryptocurrency market is among the most rapidly growing sectors of the global economy, representing about 250 Billion USD in value as at the second quarter of 2018. Along with the expansion of the cryptocurrency market are new threats, including ‘scam’ projects, and more importantly, hacking incidents on cryptocurrency exchanges.


Hacking erodes confidence and represents the main threat to the value of cryptocurrencies. Efforts to refund investors for damages by some hacked exchanges have been slow, leading to uncertainty about how long repayment processes take. Incodium coin (INCO) was designed to fill this gap.

Incodium’s Solution[edit]

Incodium provides a rational way for investors to cope with the threat of exchange hacking by providing a ‘smart compensation protection’ service for eligible victims.

Smart Compensation Protection[edit]

Incodium is the most effective solution for providing fast compensation to investors who are victims of hacking incidents on exchanges where Incodium coin (INCO) is listed

Compensation eligibility[edit]

Hacking victim who owns Incodium coin in Incodium Mobile Wallet App

Compensation range[edit]

All cryptocurrency damages incurred in the event of exchange hacking incident on an exchange where Incodium coin is listed

Compensation amount[edit]

The lowest amount of the three values : ① 30 times the amount of Incodium coin owned ② 10,000 USD ③ Actual damage

Compensation method[edit]

Incodium coin amounting to the compensation amount is sent to the Incodium Mobile Wallet App

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