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Indacoin is a cryptocurrency company headquartered in London, which was founded in 2013. User can buy different cryptocurrencies by credit/debit card payment without registration.

About Indacoin[edit]

Here users can buy over 100 different cryptocurrencies. User can only send an e-mail, mobile number, card number, and bitcoin wallet address. For fill in this information and USD amount in "Buy Bitcoins" page. This company works with all countries, except the USA. User can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To complete the confirmation, the user must enter the four-digit code that is received by phone. Then the user has to go through a photo review. That means uploading a photo of a passport and a selfie with ID and a piece of paper with the required text. This helps a user confirm the purchase. User can do a video review. User has to confirm this information once and everything goes on automatically.

How can I buy a cryptocurrency from Indacoin?[edit]

User must choose a cryptocurrency and give an amount of the card in EUR/USD. Typically, the transaction will take about 30 minutes after the user places an order or completes the verification.


Users have the limit of a maximum $200 transaction, another $200 for the second transaction after 4 days of the original purchase, $500 after 7 days and $2000 in 14 days of the first purchase. The minimum limit is always $50.


The fee varies from transaction to transaction as it is based on numerous factors. For this reason, the company has created a calculator that will tell the user the exact amount of cryptocurrency received by the user, including all fees. Indacoin occasionally has discounts.

Available cryptocurrencies[edit]

Indacoin allows users to buy more cryptocurrencies. More than 100 old coins available. These are Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance Coin and more cryptocurrencies.

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