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Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) is a consulting and development company which helps firms to implement blockchain technologies and solutions in their businesses. IBV is the child company of Infinity Blockchain Holdings. The headquarter is located in Bangkok, Thailand.


The company offers its clients:

  • Consulting on Solution Architecture. Infinity Blockchain Ventures Offers customers individual solutions and recognized consulting services for the implementation of blockchain technology.
  • Development Support.
  • Acceleration and Incubation. The company provides support for early blockchain projects, creating a favorable environment for technology startups.
  • Venture Capital Funding. Infinity Blockchain Ventures provides startups wide access to various sources of attracting investment through banking capital, investors, corporate strategic partners, and venture capitalists.


The project was launched in 2018. In February IBV formalized their partnership by an agreement called Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with EmurgoHK. The main goal is establishing a deep and long partnership in media affairs. EmurgoHK and Infinity Blockchain Holding (the parent company of IBV) have previously worked on several common projects, including recent attempts to jointly develop strategic projects with the government of Uzbekistan. On February 1st, 2019 market data intelligence platform Bitcurate and IBV‘s Asia Blockchain Review has signed a memorandum of understanding.

Asia Blockchain Review[edit]

Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) on Blockchain Festival Vietnam

Asia Blockchain Review (ABR) is the leading Infinity Blockchain Ventures media platform for community building in Asia for blockchain technology. It aims to unite all companies using blockchain at the regional level and to develop blockchain technology through group discussions, workshops, technical seminars, consulting programs, and conferences.


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