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INFLEUM is a blockchain platform created by ELSOL COMPANY that aims to create a transparent trading structure in which an individual’s small ideas or actions may translate into profit.

INFLEUM is executed by ELSOLCOM, a company that specializes in growing start-up’s and SMEs. ELSOLCOM, through its internal support and collaborative efforts, has established diverse references and clientele that are undergoing a large scale of qualitative and quantitative prosperity.

Henceforth, through the decentralized INFLEUM Platform, businesses will overcome regional/physical obstacles, and will be able to provide advertisement/marketing services specific to diverse clients’ needs. By inducing active competition of services among INFLEUM users, there will be a boom in services of high quality and quantity with minimized costs, and eventually, the project will be able to reach economy of scale. Therefore, the ecosystem will be bigger and its worth will multiply with user growth, simultaneously boosting the user profits.

The INFLEUM Platform utilizes Smart Contract and Blockchain to transparently provide information on advertisement/marketing client and consumer, activities and results of users behind projects, creation and ownership details, and more through the Distributed Ledger. In other words, all activities of users can be tracked and verified, thus preventing centralized distortion. The platform provides a completely objective measurement system, which depends on credibility of results and fair assessment of participation.

Lastly, the INFLUEM Platform aims to be an Open Innovation Platform as it considers the establishment of a decentralized ecosystem to be significant for all users–the enterprises and individuals. Therefore, an environment will be created where more diverse and distinguished third party DAPPs, aside from the previously installed DAPPs, can be developed and expanded by utilizing open API/SDK, consequently allowing easy access and application.


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