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Influbook is the first Professional Network of Influencers to build social-reputation, connect with their ideal brands, and join forces on a new social-shopping experience empowered by Blockchain.

At the moment, the project is in the initial stages of an ICO that will be completed Q1/2019. The project’s founder is Nathan Frey.

Influencers are key to enable community-based commerce! Influbook is the first decentralized platform governed by a community of peers to leverage influencer marketing, cryptocurrency and blockchain-based transactions to empower true end-to-end commerce between people, businesses and machines... without costly intermediaries.

Influbook Review[edit]

Fluence is an ERC20 utility token issued for the Influbook ICO. Fluence can be used for payments and purchases on the Influbook platform with five strong utility cases: E-commerce, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Community rewards, Cash-back rewards, Voting rights. Notably, it is the only token and/or cryptocurrency accepted for payment on the platform.

  • Name: Fluence
  • Type: ERC20 (Ethereum network)
  • Availability: ICO & Exchanges

In order to increase adoption of the Influbook platform as well as token demand, an instant conversion tool will be made available through a thirdparty (connected to exchanges). This conversion tool will only be offered to businesses wishing to buy services on Influbook with fiat or other cryptocurrencies. The conversion tool will not be available for payment receivers (who can still convert their Fluence by transferring it on exchanges).

As an ERC20 token, it will be tradable on exchanges and can be stored in all Ethereum wallets (e.g. My Ether Wallet, Metamask).

Token Burn[edit]

A burn program will be set up to gradually decrease the number of tokens in circulation, which we believe will gradually increase the value of the Fluence. Essentially, general token holders will benefit from the total supply of the outstanding tokens decreasing due to the burning mechanism.

About Influbook[edit]

The vast majority of influencer marketing budgets go to the top 1% influencers - Influbook empowers the remaining 99%

Without costly marketing services, businesses are challenged with finding, qualifying & connecting with relevant influencers. At the same time, influencers struggle to prove their value and monetize their social media audiences. Influbook is the first professional, open-network for Influencers to build their social reputation, connect directly with the brands they love, and join forces to offer consumers new social-shopping pages enhanced by passionate storytelling.

The goal is to open up the influencer ecosystem to a wider audience where influencers, marketers & consumers can easily discover and connect for free, creating an organic collaboration that democratizes influence while generating new revenue opportunities enabled by Blockchain-based transactions.

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