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Internxt is an American corporation (Internxt Inc.) founded and managed by the entrepreneur Fran Villalba Segarra. Internxt creating a series of revolutionary tech services aimed to be used by the mass-market.


ICO start date: 2017-09-07 ICO end date: 2017-09-28


Internxt® is disrupting thrilling industries through the application of revolutionary technologies. The goal is a vast suite of innovative services that are mass-market attractive. X Core is the foundational base of our first service, X Cloud. X Core is the infrastructure created by users all around the world participating in the creation of a decentralized, more secure internet. Users can sell the resources of their machines to those looking to host their data in a more private, secure and efficient way. X Cloud not only offers superior technology to that of traditional cloud services, but it also strives to be competitive with these centralized options both in terms of price and user experience. Once price-competitive with centralized options, the security made possible through the distribution of data across the decentralized network and the egalitarian nature of participation combines to make the solution extremely attractive. And the broad adoption this will foster could very well be considered the actualization of the original vision behind trustless public decentralization. All files stored in X Core are cryptographically encrypted, reliably protecting against hacks and leaks. The very architecture of the Internxt X Core system provides the secure storage and retrieval of any type of data. Since all Internxt code is open source (AGPL and LGPL licenses, depending on the product), it is available for peer review in GitHub. Internxt intends to create a revolutionary, intuitive technology that is as user-friendly as the offerings available from existing top-tier services. Internxt wants to ensure that its services are accessible by everyone, regardless of their knowledge and experience with these new forms of technologies. A major focus is being put on providing a seamless transition from traditional services to Internxt. Internxt is registered in the United States at 2425 Olympic Boulevard Suite 4000-W PMB #701, Santa Monica, California, 90404, as Internxt Inc.

More information in the project whitepaper:


INXT market cap on 12 OCT 2017: $1,127,303 INXT price on 12 OCT 2017: $1.79

INXT market cap on 1 JAN 2018: $9,713,301 INXT price on JUNE 2018: $5.95

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