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common information[edit]

To maintain backwards compatibility the following urls are rewritten

/api/ticker.php /api/ticker.php?currency_pair_id=1
/api/ticker /api/ticker.php?currency_pair_id=1
/api/getTrades.php /api/trades.php?currency_pair_id=1
/api/getTrades /api/trades.php?currency_pair_id=1
/api/getDepth.php /api/depth.php?currency_pair_id=1
/api/getDepth /api/depth.php?currency_pair_id=1

On error a json dictionary will be returned with 'error' set to the error.

Example {'error':'missing api key'}

Data API[edit]

currency_pair_id is an optional GET parameter to all data api calls

  • 1 = BTC:GBP
  • 2 = BTC:EUR
  • 3 = BTC:USD
  • 4 = BTC:PLN
URL Description Parameters Return Values


  • currency_pair_id
  • last_trade_id
  • last_trade_time
if currency_pair_id not specified the return value is a dict indexed by the currency pair ids<br/>

if currency_pair_id is specified than an array is returned

Authenticated API[edit]

Version 0.1[edit]

All API calls are POST and must include the api key as api_key

All return values are json encoded. All decimal values are sent as strings.

The base url for all calls is

Relative URL Description Parameters Return Values
listAccounts.php Accounts. No parameters. array of accounts
  • id
  • balance
  • outstanding_total
  • currency_abbreviation
  • currency_id
  • reference_code
listOrders.php List orders for an account. account_id array of orders
  • id
  • selling
  • rate
  • quantity
  • outstanding
  • base_account_id
  • quote_account_id
  • currency_pair_id
  • fulfilled
  • placed
  • processed
  • expire
  • cancelled
  • partial
  • immediate
listDeposits.php Deposits for an account account_id array of deposits
  • account_id
  • amount
  • deposit_id
listWithdrawalRequests.php Withdraws for an account. account_id array of withdrawal request
placeLimitOrder.php Place limit order.
  • quantity
  • rate
  • selling "true" or "false"
  • base_account_id
  • quote_account_id
requestCancelOrder.php Request that an order be cancelled.

Orders are not guaranteed to have been cancelled<br> until the cancelled property of the order is the time it was cancelled.

account_id order_id dict with 'result' set to 'success'
cancelWithdrawalRequest.php Cancel request to withdrawal funds account_id withdrawal_request_id dict with 'result' set to 'success'

Withdrawing and Depositing[edit]

Withdrawing and depositing BTC is not possible using the official API, but it is possible by impersonating a web-browser. See Ad-hoc transfers


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