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Jihan Wu (1986) - Chinese entrepreneur, financial analyst, Bitcoin Evangelist, founder of Bitmain. The author of lectures on cryptocurrency; the author of the book "Why Multiple Implementations Are So Important to Bitcoin", which has become a bestseller.

Early years[edit]

Jihan Wu was born in Beijing, China, where he studied at Chongqing Nankai School. He completed his studies in economics and psychology at Beijing University. Prior to founding a business, he worked as an investment manager for China Grand Prosperity Investment. Wu also worked in other companies as a financial analyst and marketing professional.

Wu discovered the world of cryptocurrency in 2010 and started investing in Bitcoin. He translated Satoshi Nakamoto's work into Chinese and was interested in "preaching" cryptocurrency and blockchain. He also formulated the benefits of introducing Blockchain into the Chinese state apparatus and its systems.


Bitmain Technologies was founded in 2013 in collaboration with programmer Mikri Zhang. Initially, the company was active in the production of mountain chips and ASIC devices. Now the company is exploring the field of artificial intelligence and the scope of IoT devices. Bitmain has affiliates, including AntMiner, AntPool and Hashnest.

Wu holds a 21% stake in the company.

In early 2019, it became known that Jihan Wu and Mikri Zhang have left Bitmain's leadership positions. However, you have the right to make important strategic decisions. Jihan Wu himself did not comment on this news.

Public opinion[edit]

The identity of Jihan Wu in the world of cryptocurrency is not clear. No doubt he made a great contribution to the sphere but comments and scandals regularly crop up around his personality.

It is said that Wu is the organizer of the attacks (including the 51% attack) that took place in the Bitcoin network. Despite his apparent commitment to Bitcoin, Wu campaigned for the separation of the blocks and the emergence of Bitcoin Cash Fork.

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