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Jinse Finance - is a Chinese online media platform integrating and aggregating latest industry and blockchain news, financial information, and data. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company has English and Arabian website versions (cointime.com).


The company was founded in 2017 by Jun Du, the founder and CEO of a virtual currency exchange platform Huobi.

Jinse Finance in Blockchain[edit]

Jinse Finance is rated as number one Chinese media platform for blockchain-related news. It is considered to be the right way for any blockchain startup to reach more potential audiences in China.  Jinse Finance also has a mobile app which is widely used among people who are interested in blockchain news.

Golden Academy[edit]

Golden Academy - is the first institution in China to offer blockchain professional training. It consists of several Blockchain top training institutions, created by Jinse. The instructors of Golden Academy are all from the founders of top capital, exchanges, and celebrity projects, covering all areas of the blockchain industry. Golden Academy includes four major course types: 

  • Golden Venture Camp - is a basic training product created for blockchain entrepreneurs and the blockchain entrepreneur system through comprehensive coverage of general knowledge theory, technical principles, industrial economy, application, popular projects, project experience, and legal compliance. Blockchain knowledge system makes knowledge reserves for project entrepreneurship, get to know the prominent industry tutors, like-minded students, and initially construct blockchain connections.
  • Golden Superconducting Acceleration Camp helps to start a business in the blockchain industry to those who due to the lack of industry awareness, lack of information, unfamiliar use of blockchain technology, financing difficulties, and other factors can not smoothly progress project. College offers a two-day practical course, one-day practical roadshow resource sharing meeting, more than 20 industry instructors, 50 investment institutions, and 30 incubators where provides in-depth explanations, project analysis, comprehensive guidance, case sharing, information sharing, and investment institution docking.
  • Golden Lecture Hall - is a professional blockchain investment education platform in the form of online courses under the Golden Academy. It is aimed at the masses who do not understand the blockchain or have a lack of financial investment skills. Focusing on blockchain investment the platform provides:
  • Systematic learning: 4 major sections, 12 small modules, 150+ courses throughout the year, building a comprehensive blockchain thinking.
  • Long-term support: Members support the whole process and stabilize the knowledge framework. 
  • Breakthrough the pattern: Financial investment -> Blockchain knowledge -> Project selection -> Real-time hotspot focusing on blockchain investment: systematic practical teaching.
  • Golden Technology Camp contains several courses divided into chapters, such as:

Public chain technology and practical operation of complex beauty blockchain. The course is divided into more than 50 chapters of the eight major courses, from the blockchain technology trend to the complex US public chain technology and application development, to carry out a comprehensive and in-depth explanation. Hangzhou Complex Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. is the first blockchain invention patent in China, with more than 150 patent applications. The number of blockchain patents ranks in the top ten in the world. 

In-depth explanation - Qtum quantum chain Dapp development  Since 2012, Qtum founder Shuai Chu began to work on the research and development of cryptocurrency and its underlying technology during his time at the China University of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In September 2017, the Qtum Quantum Chain backbone network was officially launched and continued to perform well in the global digital currency market. It connects the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem through a newly designed account abstraction layer (AAL). 

Blockchain Development Flagship Course is for engineers and entrepreneurs engaged in blockchain development. Golden College joined forces with Silicon Valley to create a flagship-class for blockchain development. 

Consensus problem of blockchain is for engineers and entrepreneurs interested in blockchain development.

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract Development accelerated is the course for Ethereum Smart Contract Developers. Ethereum is a distributed platform that can run smart contracts: applications run under established procedures without the possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference. These applications run on a custom-built blockchain, a powerful global shared infrastructure that represents the ownership of assets through digital streaming. Ethereum EVM is the most widely used virtual machine in the blockchain industry. This course is suitable for students who have used or mastered at least one programming user. 

Blockchain wallet development is the course for  Blockchain developers. Golden College and ThoughtWorks launched the "Blockchain Wallet Development" series of classes, starting with security and ease of use, introducing a digital currency wallet application development process. The course content includes Basic cryptography and security, test node building API, observing wallet development, new wallet generation, transfer function development, etc.

Smart contract security audit is for Smart contract developers, security engineers, etc. Blockchain industry security issues frequently occur. The Golden Academy has launched the "Smart Contract Security Development and Audit" course to analyze various security threats in the blockchain industry and introduce security capabilities. 

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