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Karbon14 is the first Startup using blockchain benefits to create Life Certificates. This will allow companies to issue certificates attesting the authenticity of a proof of life declaration, which can be used for specific purposes. Our goal is to offer a smart way to create life certificates. Making formalities quicker and more convenient, with all of your sensitive information secured.

What can you do with Karbon14? Let's say that you are a professional and you want to apply for an international job offer, how could you prove them that you actually are an architecture and you have all of the experience that you say you have? Here's where you can use Karbon14. You could take your ID, passport and resume, send it to a number of crypto scribes through Karbon14 and they will validate your information. Once all of the scribes have approved it, you will get an unique code called hash that only you can use and only you know how to generate. So you can send to a company the code of your hash, that way the company will access it and know that all of your information has been verified.

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