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History of Kounotori ($KTO)[edit]

Founded in 2021 and launched on December 3rd on the Ethereum (ERC-20) blockchain with a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. Kounotori (Oriental White Stork) is derived from a story in Japanese culture, the stork is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and longevity. As recounted in the folklore of old, storks would be seen to dive into the water, only to emerge with a mouthful of hidden treasures instead of fish. It is this imagery that has us believe this is the perfect symbol for our token, as we aim to provide a service that will return wealth to our investors for years to come.


KYC or Know Your Customer
The first things the dev team wanted to fulfill was security checks. They immediately finalized a KYC on Dec 17, 2021.
On 1/14/2022 Certik On boarded the project. A matter of debate arose when Certik stated that some of the code that gave Kounotori its unique features, such as sliding tax and reflections, were of minor risks however after thorough explanation and demonstration on the part of the dev team any concerns and/or FUD was quickly debunked.

Max Buy/Sell and Max Wallet[edit]

As a way to combat against whales that can manipulate the price of such a small token and community, a 2T limit was placed on buying and selling and a max wallet size of 5T per wallet was implemented. This kind of limitation prevents any one holder of manipulating the price to one extreme or the other.

Sliding Tax Scale[edit]

Kounotori token has the power to adjust reflections to holders or to the treasury depending on market conditions. While in most scenarios there is a 10% (3% reflections to holders, 7% tax to marketing wallet) tax on all buys and sells, there are events held such as "No Tax Tuesday" where the tax is completely turned off. On a similar note it has been tested and shown that the dev team do not have the ability to set the tax higher. This particular feature prevents the devs from sliding the tax to 100%.

ETH Marketing Wallet[edit]

Should the developers need to pay for marketing having the ETH Marketing Wallet prevents the price from dropping due to marketing expenditures. The dev team also has the power to buy back tokens to benefit the project.


The dev team has set a reflection rate of up to 8% to the holders with a constant minimum of 3%. This means that on every buy and sell the holders of Kounotori receive a passive income. Due to these reflections going out to every holding wallet, this also means that the Burn wallet receives reflections as well. It should also be noted that a wallet that has reached its max buy of 5 trillion tokens does in fact still receive reflections.


The team is made up of a group of crypto-enthusiasts that have grown tired of rug-pulls, honeypots, and devs that, quite frankly, have no idea how to treat their community or their project. Although none of the core team have coding knowledge, they have the freedom to carefully choose the right people for the jobs needed rather than rely on the limitations of an in-house team. They endeavor to provide an honest, clean project, that will always listen to its people. After all, without the will of the people, the investors, the storks braving the depths; this project cannot be a success. While these four make up the core team there are several other members throughout the community that contribute in other facets be it community management, merchandise, and community advertising.

Adrian - Project Lead
Yoan - Marketing & Public Information
Martin - HR & Social Media
Lee - Creative Lead & Graphic Designer


As of 2/11/2022 424,274,508,573,793 tokens have been burnt via the initial 40% burn, developer buybacks and burn, or reflections.


Currently, the community of "#storkholders" is spread out through various social media platforms. Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit but, also can be found on social platforms like 4chan and Stocktwits.


The token has seen incredible levels of interest pre-launch and therefore it was expected some scam copies to appear and try to trick the future #storkholders into investing in the wrong token. Please be aware that the ticker is $KTO and our token name is Kounotori. There are no official baby, mini, super-mega inu versions of the token and are currently only on the Ethereum network.

The official token address is:

DEX & CEX[edit]

On launch, $KTO was available on Uniswap. On 01/09/2022 $KTO was listed on the DEX 1inch. On 02/11/2022 it was announced during an AMA with Traderverse that $KTO would be available on its first CEX P2PB2B