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LKRCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to reward human potential. The currency has a stable exchange rate, so the owners receive a more stable and high return on investment. LKRCoin offers a user-friendly, universally used interface that provides users with a fast platform to conduct transactions. At the moment, the project is mainly aimed at Latin American youth interested in cryptocurrency.


The LKRCoin project was created in 2018 by experts in the technical field in order to provide people with the opportunity to receive independent income using blockchain technology. In the second quarter of this year, the coin was added to three exchanges: ICQBase, Crex24 and Bitebtc. The company plans to launch its own social network for coin holders, as well as to release a web wallet and an Android application. In early 2019, it is planned to launch the first masternodes. At the moment the exchange rate of LKR is $0,029, and the capitalization is $106,398.

Operating principle[edit]

LKRCoin is built on its own blockchain, which has the following characteristics:

  • Creation and block time: 64 seconds
  • Algorithm: Skrypt
  • Hybrid model of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake
  • Transaction confirmations: 6
  • Instant coin distribution

In total, 23,333,333 coins will be mined, of which 10% was extracted before the launch of the network. Thanks to such a small stock, the price is protected from sharp jumps and provided with further growth. The protocol of mining Proof of Stake, where the owners of LKRCoin are awarded new coins depending on the amount held, provides 100% annual yield and does not have a harmful impact on the environment, as Proof of Work. To do this, LKRCoin has released its own wallet, which is integrated PoS, as well as the ability to store other cryptocurrencies.


  • Security - the LKRCoin network is built on advanced encryption algorithms to provide the highest level of protection for user assets.
  • Speed - transactions in the LKRCoin network are carried out in a few seconds, which allows users to save time and simplify the process of working with cryptocurrency.
  • Eco-friendly - the PoS algorithm does not require huge energy costs for the production of blocks, as PoW.

Bounty program[edit]

The project offers rewards for a few simple actions: sign up on the platform, fill out a few fields and join their channel in Discord. For this, the user will receive 100 LKR, which is equal to $2.9 at the current rate.


The LKRCoin project offers a fast and reliable cryptocurrency that allows its owners to earn without any effort through the Proof of Stake Protocol. The coin has a high capitalization, but there is enough space for further growth. If the project will attract new users and increase the liquidity of its coins, we can expect the development of the platform and the further growth of LKR.

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