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LOLIGO is an independant Ethereum fork dedicated for ICOs

ICOs are facing two main issues

1- Security of Funds: Investors participating in ICO fundraising campaign does not have any contôl on funds once the ICO is finished. Many risks can happened while the funds are totally allocated to the funder: technical flaws, fictitious project, bad management, unexpected shutdown.

2- Professional Process: despite the fact that ICO fundraising have been practiced for several years, the ICO process is remaining the same. A centralized application or a smart contract launched in all purpose blockchain, coded without any standards and without any intelligent tools. The quality of service and support still poor. Loligo

LOLIGO Cryptocurrency and LOLIGO Professional Ecosystem is a blockchain based platform, accessible online or via smartphone app, that makes the lives of funders easier, give investors full control on ICO collected funds by the mean of periodic vote, and offers a wide range of professional services for funders, startups, and administration.

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