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LegalThings One enables businesses and governments to organize inter-organizational workflows in a decentralized manner while maintaining full compliance with GDPR and data privacy requirements.


The project extends the interpretation of smart contracts to the level of interactive contracts (live contracts). This allows users not only to capture intermediate states, but also instruct users and computers about the next steps in the workflow.

The platform consists of public blockchain and private blockchains. Each interactive contract has its own blockchain with custom logic. Each event in the application is fixed in the blockchain according to the given logic and cannot be deleted. Special attention is paid to data protection and GDPR compliance. At the request of the law, all workflow can be deleted.


Nodes are a multi-level system:

  • User interface level. The application can communicate with the blockchain using the API
  • Event level. At this level, all events are logged and then processed by the application layer. The application layer supports the work of services to perform tasks.
  • Registration in the public blockchain. Each node indexes the hashes of all events that can then be checked.


Merin is one of the largest platforms for working with commercial real estate. Merin will use LegalThings for contracts associated with the rental of offices. Also, there is a partnership with and who will use the LegalThings platform in their business processes.


The project team includes more than 15 people.

  • RICK SCHMITZ is the CEO of the project with work experience at PwC and Deloitte as a consultant
  • ARNOLD DANIELS is a leading architect. Over 20 years of development experience in 4 successful startups. AWS certified architect. Lead engineers of cloud9 startup (purchased by Amazon)
  • MARTIJN MIGCHELSEN — financial director
  • SVEN STAM — CTO with 15 years of experience in distributed systems


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