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LiteBit is a cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2013. It has become one of the TOP 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of transaction volumes, and its management intends to continue to improve its positions.


LiteBit is a platform focused on European users. The birthplace of the exchange — the Netherlands. 18 Dutch developers, whose names, biographies and achievements are available in a special section on the official website, took part in the creation of LiteBit. LiteBit languages are Dutch and English.

Clients of the cryptocurrency exchange can not only trade digital money, but also store tokens — LiteBit provides a functional and secure wallet for this. The platform also sends notifications about changes in the value of traded assets.

The creators of the site deliberately chose a completely “white” activity and base in the Netherlands. The laws in force in the Netherlands and the EU apply to legal disputes in which LiteBit is involved. Carrying out its activities, the site strictly complies with the requirements of the legislation and requires this from customers.


The trading interface of LiteBit is located in the "Buy" section of the main menu of the site. It is not as functional as on the competitive exchanges, but everything necessary for successful work can be found there.

On LiteBit there are no charts, trading statistics and other things familiar in the trading interfaces of other exchanges. But there is one useful option. It's "Bitcoin price alert" — the function of notifying the user about the achievement of a Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) a certain price. If the value of the asset rises or descends to the specified level, users will immediately receive an email.

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