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Little Phil
Little Phil logo
Little Phil ICO Review
Little Phil ICO
Ticker: LPC
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 LPC = 0.1 USD
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 400,000,000 LPC
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 400,000,000 LPC
Softcap: 21,500,000 LPC
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 40%
Accepting: ETH

Powered by blockchain technology, the little Phil platform is an entirely new way of giving that fixes trust issues with charities using a public ledger, smart contracts and unique digital identities (UDID) to provide givers with the Proof of Need and Proof of Impact required to re-establish trust in giving to charity.

Little Phil uses blockchain technology and user experience (UX) designed around a positive psychology framework to allow people to have the oversight, control and emotional connection of a philanthropist, without giving large amounts. People are able to give on their terms through their smartphone and track their giving all the way to the moment it’s received. This will create an engaging experience that makes them genuinely feel the positive impact they have had on their cause. In addition to this, charities will have solutions to their fundraising and exploitation concerns at a much lower cost than they currently incur.


In 2016, an estimated USD 500 billion was donated to charities worldwide. To better compete for a portion of these funds, charities often rely on third-party marketing firms for their fundraising activities. Traditional marketing methods used by these firms such as telemarketing and street canvassing are failing to find traction with Millennials. Furthermore, many of these firms have engaged in tactics that erode the trust of the public and tarnish the reputation of the charity industry.
In an age where we can track the delivery of a pizza or see how far away our Uber is, why can’t we track our money from the moment we donate all the way to the cause? Millennials expect more transparency and control over their giving, including the ability to connect emotionally with receivers by seeing the direct impact their contribution has made. As the majority of charitable donations come from an ageing population, fundraising approaches need to better engage Millennials or there will be a significant reduction in donations from the general public in the next 10 to 20 years.


Q1 2017: Little Phil ideation;
Founder team formed.
Q3 2017: Financial and market modelling;
Start seed round fundraising.
Q4 2017: Secured seed funding;
Formed core team;
Formed advisory board;
Branding & UI/UX design.
Q1 2018: Draft whitepaper;
Onboarding initial charities;
Employ blockchain development team.
Q2 2018: Develop smart contract;
Launch ICO website;
Integrate KYC/AML process, external government accreditation verification integration;
Open Pre-ICO.
Q3 2018: Open main ICO;
Launch MVP;
Bounties open.
Q4 2018: First exchange listing;
Expand team - Bus. Dev, Marketing & Projects;
Additional charity onboarding.
Q1 2019: Public product launch; iOS app, Web platform;
Additional exchange listings;
Emergency relief fund live.
Q2 2019: Android app;
Crypto payment integration;
Atomic swaps;
LP - philanthropy project 1 kick-off.
Q3 2019: Rewards marketplace;
Supplier chain integration;
Supplier marketplace.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Joshua Murchie Chief Executive Officer Joshua Murchie photo 3
Nathan Archer Chief Operating Officer Nathan Archer photo 3
John Robertson Chief Technology Officer John Robertson photo 3
Greg Ellis Marketing & Product Greg Ellis photo 6
Benjamin Harvey Community Manager Benjamin Harvey photo 3
Craig Gillam Brand & UX Craig Gillam photo 3
Mathew Sayed Blockchain Development Mathew Sayed photo 3
Cameron Slabosz Product Manager Cameron Slabosz photo 3
Nate Sanchez-Goodwin Software Engineer Nate Sanchez-Goodwin photo 3
Matthew Shipman Software Engineer Matthew Shipman photo 3
Ashleigh Lawrence Social Media Manager Ashleigh Lawrence photo 3
Laura Luck Copywriter Laura Luck photo 3
Selvakumar Esra Advisor Selvakumar Esra photo 3
Daniel Santos Advisor Advisor Daniel Santos photo 11.5
C.J Fong Advisor Advisor C.J Fong photo 3
Ned Pankhurst Advisor Advisor Ned Pankhurst photo 3
Josh Hunt Legal Advisor Advisor Josh Hunt photo 3
Craig Cameron Advisor Advisor Craig Cameron photo 3
Neal Ryan Advisor Advisor Neal Ryan photo 3
Jolon Faichney Director of Griffith University App Factory Advisor Jolon Faichney photo 3
Tracey West Behavioural Finance expert Advisor Tracey West photo 3
Katherine Hunt Lecturer at Griffith University - Microfinance Specialist Advisor Katherine Hunt photo 3
Kelvin Ross Founder of KJR - Software and Quality Assurance Expert Advisor Kelvin Ross photo 3
Jane Thomason CEO of Blockchain Quantum Impact - British Blockchain Council and Philanthropic industry expert Advisor Jane Thomason photo 11.3
Antonio Raunelli Country Operations Manager at the FutureSense Foundation Advisor Antonio Raunelli photo 3
Brett Lush Charity Insights and UX Guidance Advisor Brett Lush photo 3
Brendan Brewster Charity Insights and Software Development Advisor Brendan Brewster photo 3
Ashish Gaurav Investment Banking for Standard Chartered Bank Advisor Ashish Gaurav photo 6
Sean Braybook Public Relations Professional Advisor Sean Braybook photo 3

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