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Loadoo Bitcoin EURdebit card can be purchased both in virtual or physicalformats. The physical card has an issuance cost of €15 and a 3% foreign currency conversion cost.Loadoo card can be topped up with both Bitcoin and PayPal. It can be used to spend Bitcoin online, offline and to get cash at any ATM.


  • Card Type: Visa
  • Anonymity: Medium
  • Lifetime Load: No Limit
  • Lifetime Atm Whitdrawal: No Limit
  • Max Single Load: 10000
  • Card Currency: EUR


  • ATM International Fee: 2.75€ + 0%
  • Load Fee: 0€ + 1%
  • POS Fee: 0€
  • Initial Cost: 15€
  • Currency Conversion: 3%
  • ATMDomestic Fee: 2.25€ + 0%
  • Monthly Fee: 1€

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