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The processing economy without trust problems[edit]

The trading platform lohncontract.com developed by lohncontrol.com will be a dynamic, complex ecosystem that will integrate all parties involved into a lohn contract and their relationships will be managed independently in the blockchain through the lohncontrol Smart Contract that will release the payments due to each one to fulfill the tasks initially allocated.
The main actors of this ecosystem will be buyers from developed economies who want to produce quality and cheap goods and manufacturers from developing economies interested in these orders. The platform will provide small and medium-sized businesses around the world with access to some of the business opportunities currently reserved to major economic players, linking through disruptive technology-blockchain niche projects to manufacturing and commercialization of industrial goods, projects which exploits the appeal of consumer markets for quality products at competitive prices.

Lohn is a widely spread contractual form in various industrial fields of international cooperation relations, especially in the industry of clothing, footwear, leather, furniture, software and hardware, pharmaceutical, metal working, metallurgical, machine tools, automotive, automation, machine building industry, electronics and appliance industry, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry.

At present, the annual production achieved in lohn globally exceeds 10,000 B $, representing 10% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).[edit]

lohncontract.com will be the missing link in the coming years between buyers willing to pay better and producers interested in optimizing their financial return. The relationship between the parties will be governed in the blockchain by the lohncontrol Smart Contract which will ensure the management of industrial processes, operational risk and settlement solutions. The trading platform will facilitate the access of developing country producers to niche brands in developed countries, and the benefit will be on both sides. Lohn, as an economic activity, will reinvent and adapt to the values of the 21st century society. The distribution of profits will be much more equitable, which will allow for a reduction in the economic gap between developed and developing countries.