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Longhash official logo

LongHash is the first global blockchain incubator, backed by the Singapore government, aimed at supporting young companies in the early stages of their development. The company has offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Zug and Singapore (the headquarter of the company).


The LongHash Hatch incubation program is aimed at providing financial support to startups based on blockchain technology and venture building support.

Bitcoin Tracker[edit]

In September 2018, LongHash introduced its own tool – Bitcoin Tracker, which increases the transparency of bitcoin transactions. As the creators' mention, the new service does not reveal the identity of the owners of addresses on the main cryptocurrency network, but only allows users to find out how secure the address is. Bitcoin Tracker allows distributing all wallets into five categories, which are indicated in different colors:

  • The first (blue) means the use of bitcoin mixers, which hide the sender's address, replacing it;
  • The second (blue) - exchange;
  • The third (raspberry) - mining;
  • Fourth (orange) - games;
  • Fifth (pink) - inactive addresses.

Bitcoin Tracker also allows users to find out all the information about the activity of transfers from both the address and the address.

LongHash Bitcoin Tracker

LongHash Report about Tether[edit]

LongHash analysts on June 2019 published a review in which they said that the Tether project is 90% reliable. Stablecoin developers almost completely fulfill the basic requirements for each cryptocurrency project, proving the fact of its reliability. The review is talking about factors such as stability, the prevalence in the market, growth potential and practicality. All of the above requirements are met almost completely, but only with the practical use of the coin sometimes problems arise, in accordance with LongHash report.

Currently, the Tether stablecoin looks much better than its closest competitors Paxos Standard (PAX), USD Coin (USDC) and True USD (TUSD). In the medium term, it is unlikely that at least one of these projects will be able even to approach Tether in terms of the scale of application.


LongHash has a partnership with the following organizations:

  • Enterprise Singapore
  • Fenbushi Capital
  • Block Asset
  • Wanxiang Blockchain Labs
  • SUSS (Singapore University of Social Science)
  • Cryptic Labs
  • Bridge+


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