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Luke Johnson, cofounder of ElectriCChain

Luke Johnson is a Japan-based renewable energy​ advocate, solar engineer with over nineteen years experience in the industry across six countries and four continents, and cofounder of ElectriCChain​, a nonprofit affiliate of SolarCoin renewable energy cryptocurrency, with Christopher Altman​, Nick Gogerty and François Sonnet​. ElectriCChain is a distributed ledger, the self-organizing, decentralized swarm intelligence Internet of things​​ (IoT ) that forms SolarCoin's blockchain​​ backbone.

Johnson has worked in the Japanese solar industry continuously since 2008. He holds a masters degree in engineering and solar cell research from the Australian National University​ and a Bachelor of Engineering in photovoltaics and solar energy, with honors, from the University of New South Wales​.

Johnson's current research includes long-term outdoor exposure of solar modules and solar module degradation and solar project yield estimation. He is also commercialising decentrailized solar blockchain-enabled data loggers and a data encryption platform for solar energy verification.

Johnson wrote the white paper that inspired the ElectriCChain​ in 2015, under guidance from the SolarCoin Foundation. The initiative is recognized by the United Nations​ and the International Renewable Energy Agency​ as the lowest carbon currency, the largest environmental monitoring experiment, and the largest private renewable energy project in the world.

Other projects Johnson has worked on, but not limited to are Liquid Star (Off-grid battery charging platform), Blockpass (Decentralized identity platform) and Mysolar with Solar-Mesh (O&M platform for solar energy).

Johnson enjoys a cup of tea.

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