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LuneX Ventures is a special blockchain and cryptocurrency fund operating in partnership with Golden Gate Ventures, widely known in Southeast Asia. The fund was founded by Golden Gate's former Head of Growth, Kenrick Drijkoningen. The headquarter of the LuneX Ventures is located in Singapore. The fund invests in blockchain projects from around the world in the early stages of their development to support the growth of a new cryptocurrency ecosystem. Among such startups, cryptocurrency exchanges, security and asset storage service providers, and companies serving as an intermediary for institutional services are notable.


In August 2018, the venture company Golden Gate Ventures announced its intention to open Singapore's first Southeast Asian cryptocurrency venture fund LuneX Ventures with $ 10 million assets under the leadership of former development director Golden Gate Kenrick Drijkoningen. Kenrick Drijkoningen said that "now the cryptocurrency valuations are close to their real market values, as the industry has become a little more mature and now is a great time to start investing in cryptocurrencies." Speaking of the blockchain, the development of projects with which the foundation also intends to be involved, it was stated that "the technology of the distributed registry is a fundamental discovery that looks like the Internet in terms of its impact on society and the economy." According to Drijkoningen, the fund already has a list of at least five potential investment projects, including the new Sparrow Exchange trading platform.


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