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MAKE Pays You For Using Social Media (like you already do)[edit]

Social media and messaging apps make a lot of money off of you. They serve you ads, watch you, then sell your data back to advertisers and you don't get a single cent for it.

We can't change this, but we can make sure that you get your cut. MAKE is an app that connects to all the apps you already use as a keyboard. When you create a post or send a message to a friend, you can use MAKE to find and share the best viral memes, games, GIFs, videos, stickers and more. You can save and organize the the media you like, then quickly access it later from any other app. With MAKE, all of your favorite content is in one place, like DropBox for memes.

Better Media = More Shares = More Tokens[edit]

All MAKE media is made by our users - when you upload or create content (like a picture, GIF, sticker, or meme) other users can find, like, and share it. Every time it gets shared, you earn tokens and if you go viral, you win BIG. You can also earn tokens as a consumer in over 20 ways like winning contests, playing games, promoting brands, and sharing sponsored content with friends.

Tokens You Can Actually Use[edit]

MAKE tokens can be used to buy awesome stuff. Once you have some tokens, you can use them in dozens of ways like or purchasing products and services (games, electronics, media, apparel and more) from our partners, promoting your media to get more exposure, advertising for your brand or channel, or unlocking performance boosts to help you stand out. We want to make an environment where our users win.

Ads You'll Get Excited For[edit]

All the tokens we award to our users are backed by advertisers. We don't want to bombard our users with annoying ads like the other platforms do so we've come up with a plan to make users actually like ads: we turn them into contests that you can win. While you're search for exciting content, you can engage with ads: Give the best caption on a sponsored picture, get the highscore on a hot new game, take a branded quiz, and you can earn even more tokens. If you don't like the ads, you can turn them off - but if you do, you can't earn tokens.

ShiftWear and The Future of Viral Media[edit]

We know that the next generation of media devices is just around the corner. Virtual & augmented reality, IOT billboards, interactive gaming, and high-tech wearables are just a few. At launch, MAKE is partnered with ShiftWear, an apparel brand that makes sneakers and hats that you can customize from your phone like a chameleon. MAKE will power the ShiftWear ecosystem, providing media and designs and paying tokens to users who walk around wearing sponsored content. Like Uber for advertising! MAKE will be using proceeds from the ICO to help bring more innovative ShiftWear products to market. Join MAKE and help us give power back to the usersĀ ! - -

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