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MOAC is a new generation platform that is designed to address the three main challenges of the crypto industry world – scalability issues, improved decentralization, and security of use. The appearance of this project was due to the fact that three main tasks are an obstacle to the further development of the leaders of the crypto market – Bitcoin and Ethereum.


At the heart of the project architecture is a multi-blockchain structure, which is 100 times faster than the current speed of Ethereum transactions. The architectural part of the project consists of the following components:

  • Mother Blockchain, the main blockchain;
  • MicroChainsTM, additional or adjacent blockchain;
  • structure of smart smart contracts;
  • the API constructor.

As stated by the creators, the architectural basis of the created MOAC platform will have a super-scalability, which will in turn fully address the requirements and wishes of users of the ecosystem. With the help of additional tools of the ecosystem architecture, SEO developers can form their own software applications based on API.

Technical features[edit]

For successful work, a hybrid structural model of consensus algorithms will be used, including PoW, used on the main (parent) blockchain, and PoS-Protocol — used on the adjacent (additional) blockchain. The cross-platform structure should be attributed to the individuals, which provides for all decentralized working software based on MOAC to successfully interact with other crypto projects, including EOS, project programs based on Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin. MOAC's design engineers, while conducting research, identified one pattern that many smart events slowed down their work in situations with non-critical functional parameters and ultimately, all smart programs could request an up-to-date and innovative design of logic to solve the emerging difficulties. MicroChain is able to increase the overall patency of transactions per second, up to 100 thousand operations, and the advanced shell of the architecture of the ecosystem is able to increase the intellectual degree of patency of smart designs up to 10 thousand TPS. The multi-layer structure of the blockchain will allow users to get out of cheap groups of equipment, such as mobile devices, which in turn increases the principle of scalability within the network. Excellent experimental results were achieved while working with Ethereum-based networks as well as EOS. Many operations, such as the transfer of the current balance of the operating transaction, do not require certain computing power. However, for a very large number of smart contract groups, high computational parameters are required to make quick transactions. MOAC solves this problem, all the necessary transactions will be processed in the lower layer, that is, with reference to PoW, this responsible role will be performed by the blockchain MotherChain. And most of the complex tasks of smart contracts are transferred to the processing in the upper layer using the PoS algorithm, the role of which will belong to MicroChains. Creating a combined scheme will not limit the TPS as well as the required levels for performance given the current structural part at the ecosystem level.

MOAC cryptocurrency[edit]

The ticker for listing – MOAC. It was released on 16 January 2018 and the start price was $15,02. The maximum rate was recorded on January, 26 of $18.13. Currently, at the beginning of the 2nd half of 2018, the MOAC exchange rate is $2.82. Information on capitalization is available only from 1 June 2018. The maximum capitalization was recorded in early June at $236.36 million, in the first decade of July 2018 the capitalization is about $100 million. In the rating of crypto assets MOAC occupies 99 line, that is, it is included in the TOP 100 crypto-currencies.

Where to buy[edit]

Currently, trading is conducted only on two sites, CoinBene and Bit-Z. The bulk of the trade is fixed on CoinBene, trading to the USDT pair, the total volume reaches 92%. On Bit-Z trades are conducted in pair with ETH, the total volume is not more than 8%.


For convenient use of the platform, it is planned to launch a wallet in the future, which will be integrated with operating systems. The launch is expected in conjunction with the launch of the network. It is known that the versions will be for Windows, MAC, and for mobile devices — iOS and Android. At the moment there is a beta version of the online wallet at


For MOAC mining, console versions of the software Pangu have been developed, the installations of which can be downloaded on the MOAC official site. At the moment, clients are adapted to Windows and Ubuntu, in two variations – on testnet and mainnet. The source code of the miners is hosted at GitHub. For Windows mainnet miner MOAC Pangu is packed in zip archive and now published in version 0.8.2. The community is represented on Github, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Facebook, Reddit.

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