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MOBU is a platform, which is being developed so that real businesses such as property development companies, gold mines, retail companies and many others will be able to launch security tokens on the MOBU platform. Verified entrepreneurs and investors will be able to connect with the help of MOBU, eliminating the middle men completely.

Solving a distinct business problem[edit]

MOBU solves a distinct problem in a multi-trillion-dollar securities market. It connects validated investors and security tokens ICOs by cutting out the middlemen. Its clear business model demonstrates the unique use of and demand for the MOBU token on the MOBU platform by tender users but also receiving a small percentage of all ICO`s on MOBU to ensure both the success of future ICO`s and financial benefit of MOBU token holders. The establishment of bank partnerships ensures that all users will be able to convert fiat to cryptocurrency and support MOBU. MOBU has a different but unique escrow philosophy to protect investors and ensure higher return on investments. For example, MOBU ensures issuers of ICO`s not to have access to 100% of the funds after ICO`s. Investors will be able to exit ICO`s pro-rata after ICO if the team does not uphold to targets set. The MOBU platform ensures competitive pricing for legal, smart contract design, etc. to ensure lower barriers to entry and higher profitability for investors.

Salient Features[edit]

- Mobu restricts tokens to only verified users by taking exhaustive measures like evaluating users by a vetted tender process with strict criteria for service providers, deploying authorization networks for KYC/AML compliance as well as for SEC approval of securities. - Investors will be provided an option to exit the ICOs in case they fail to adhere to their roadmap goals. Security tokens will be escrowed on the MOBU platform. - Investor protection will be strengthened by limiting sales to accredited investors, bank support to both investors and ICOs, creating a network of confidence and trust to boost economic efficiency and incentivize community growth.

Legal entities Supporting MOBU[edit]

The following legal entities are supporting the MOBU project : • AXIS Legal Counsel, Los Angeles, USA • Barnard INC Attorneys, Pretoria, South Africa • Adams & Adams Attorneys, Pretoria, South Africa