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A MUST-platform for tokenization and exchange of real assets, respectively, built on industry standards and the oracles system. Over the past three years, the project developers have been actively engaged in creating products for digitizing the markets for the operation of automotive cargo construction equipment and, in fact, have built a system of oracles that allow you to get reliable information on the asset from the real world. The problem that this project solves is the replenishment or delivery of relevant data from the real world to the blockchain, to tokenized assets in real time. That is, there is a tokenization of real assets and the information of users of the blockchain system about the real state of these assets, i.e. two tasks are performed – tokenization and Oracle.

The future development of MUST[edit]

In the future, it is planned to issue tokenized assets for circulation on its own exchange, and on the basis of these tokenized assets, to produce derivative instruments such as digital bonds, digital shares, thus helping to link the real sector of the economy with investment capital through tokenized financial instruments. This year, it is planned to launch the exchange and conduct testing on the example of commercial vehicles.


The founders of the project plans to attract $ 14 million as a result of the ICO.
In total, 500 million tokens of MUST will be issued.
The price of the token during the public auction will be 0.04 dollars and all tokens that will not be redeemed will be burned.
For investors in the course of pre-sale will be presented a discount of 20%, and during the public sale discount will be 10%

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