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25px offers UK private mailboxes with Anonymous Mail Forwarding services. Once registered, mailbox owners can send and receive mail through their mailbox address; perfect for Ebay/Amazon sellers, small businesses, conveying a presence in the UK, concealing your location, cam-girls, privacy-seekers, pranks, etc.

Located in the heart of Europe’s Oil Capital [1], MailGhost offer a prestigious address [2], particularly useful for those engaged in the oil & gas, and engineering industries.

MailGhost is set apart from competitors, not only as one of the lowest priced mailbox services in the UK, but by the extent of services included in the price. This is reinforced by a 30-day Free Trial, 2 minute registration process, instant mailbox activation, and a variety of cryptocurrency and fiat payment methods welcomed. Mailbox owners are always in control with secure online account management.
File:MailGhosts logo.png
MailGhost logo
File:Aberdeen europes oil capital.png
Aberdeen, Europe’s Oil Capital

Mailbox Rental[edit]

Currently, MailGhost offers six and 12 month UK mailbox rentals to individuals and businesses, with a variety of mail forwarding services and bespoke logistics. Potential mailbox owners can try a 30-day free trial.

Postage Costs and Handling Fees[edit]

MailGhost charge a fixed mailbox rental, plus a small handling fee per item forwarded. Part of the initial cost is deposited into a mailbox account, from which all postage costs and handling fees are deducted.

Payment Options[edit]

Mailbox owners can pay with five options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Paypal
  • Credit and debit cards

Other options like SEPA-transfer are available by agreement.

Privacy and Security[edit]

  • Secure payments via trusted payment processors
  • Segregation of employee duties coupled with and staff monitoring
  • Off-site storage facility with restricted access and CCTV 24/7
  • Mail is covered by insurance while awaiting forwarding

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