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Manaty is a French based freelance software development company created in 2006, specialized in Business System Solutions (BSS) software, mainly for the telecom industry.

Manaty represents an international team of highly-skilled and devoted developers, architects, project leaders and testers deployed in 8 countries all over the world (France, Lithuania, USA, Morocco, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Argentina). The freelance working model allows for an ability to operate 24/7 internationally and to create cost-efficient, high-quality BSS software.

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New Product:

  • MEVEO - Event-based Billing System (Open source, web-based)
  • Modules: Catalog Management, Users and Accounts Management, Back Office, Self Care, Mediation, Rating, Billing, Invoicing, ...

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  • MVNO BSS Platform
  • M2M BSS Platform
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Custom Development (JAVA, .NET, PHP, C/C++, mobile, FLEX)

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