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Jump to: navigation, search is a website that uses interactive infographics that show which cryptocurrencies are currently in existence and trace the history of their appearance back to 2008. One can also access a short description of Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies. The map is mostly dedicated to providing a clear view on the history of the cryptocurrency development.


The platform provides a number of useful links that will help user to check the Bitcointalk announces of the coins, its core code and official website. At the time of this article, coins can be filtered by such characteristics as the time of existence and mining algorithm.

The project mostly consists of visual representations of the fork families of particular coins. In case of the project the term “fork” is understood not only as an exact case of a coin’s blockchain being split up but also as an establishment of coins based on some other coin’s core code (e.g. Litecoin and Bitcoin, Monero and Bytecoin).

The platform currently has 4 main maps dedicated to the major cryptocurrencies and their forks. The array of coins was chosen due to the amount of cryptocurrencies based on their core technology - Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Ripple and NXT.

The Bitcoin (BTC) map[edit]

The Bitcoin forks map is the Biggest map of the project. It stores the info about such cryptocurrencies as Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin and hundreds of other coins, besides Bitcoin itself. The map stores the info from 2008 - the year of the launch of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The Ripple (XRP) map[edit]

The Ripple map is the smallest map on the platform due to the lack of coins based on its core code. The only prominent example of the Ripple-like coin is the Stellar (XLM) cryptocurrency, which is shown by the map. However, such Ripple-based projects like Radix, Splash and NetPay are also present on the project, despite not being launched. The coins are marked as “defunct”.

The Bytecoin (BCN) map[edit]

The Bytecoin map is the second largest map on the Map of Coins. The map offers the info about such prominent CryptoNight-based cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR), AEON (AEON), Fantomcoin (FCN) and other coins.

The NXT (NXT) map[edit]

The NXT map represents NXT-based cryptocurrencies like Burst, NeXT Horizon, the Stablecoin crypto and others. The map is a little bit smaller than the Bytecoin map.

The “Technologies” page[edit]

The Map of Coins also features the"Technologies" page, dedicated to the most important blockchain technologies that became a basic structure for multiple new cryptocurrencies. It represents the info about the prominent blockchain technologies like the Ethereum technologies, the Zerocash technologies, the Cryptonote protocol, etc..

User participation[edit]

The users of Map of Coins can submit new coins, report a functional status of the presented coins, provide the info about the new technologies and provide their feedback, suggestions and so on.

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