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Markets Legion, established in 2013, is a cryptocurrency trading platform that specializes in offering cutting-edge trading technologies, a must when getting involved in the innovative yet highly volatile world of digital assets.

A solution that grants people from different backgrounds entry to this industry was needed and due to a lack of interest from other leading brands, Markets Legion decided to show its own unique vision on what proper crypto trading infrastructure should look like. Traders can safely buy or sell a variety of instruments, using proprietary software packed with useful features.

Markets Legion Trading Platform[edit]

Markets Legion's edge over its competition derives mainly from its trading platform, a web-based solution promising a variety of benefits, including social trading and Automated AI Trader, on top of the usual technical and fundamental analysis tools traders are already accustomed to.

Social Trading must be highlighted since it acts as a powerful tool for those who are at the beginning and would like to have access to reliable trading ideas. Although success is not guaranteed, all Markets Legion customers can see how professionals get involved in crypto, understanding how more experienced people view the market at any given moment. The platform can be used on any type of device, accessible via a browser.


Owned and operated by Molid Group Ltd, Markets Legion is a brand relying on multiple policies to set up clear guidelines on how to conduct its operations. At users interested in opening an account will find a lot of valuable details by reading the Terms & Conditions, KYC/AML, Privacy Policy, Compliance Procedures, or other documents made available by the company.

Same as with any other trading brand, all customers must verify their identity and address after opening an account. That will ensure withdrawals from a trading account can be processed without delays.

Support and Education[edit]

Markets Legion puts a great emphasis on customer support and that is why any user can take advantage of the live chat feature available on the website. Fast access to the company's representatives also means the ability to solve any trading-related issues without having to wait for hours.

Once a person opens a live trading account, there is a team of professional account managers providing personalized support, based on each customer's needs. For beginners looking to find out the basics of cryptocurrencies, the tutorial section at includes several useful resources, easy to understand for anyone.


Trading cryptocurrencies with Markets Legion turns out to be advantageous since the company covers tens of different tokens, including NEO, Tron, Stellar, Dash, Polkadot, IOTA and Tezos, which are now witnessing growing popularity. Combined with a personalized trading platform, the experience provided by this brand is unique and can be suitable for many different traders.

Keep in mind that Markets Legion does not accept US residents and citizens, while people from all around the world can join as long as local regulation is not against the provision of such trading services.