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Masari (MSR) is a scalability-focused and privacy-ensured cryptocurrency based on Monero.

Masari Review[edit]

One of the first major contributions is a necessary update implementing one of the best known difficulty algorithms in order to mitigate flash mining issues as a new altcoin. MSR will track most changes upstream from Monero, as well as contribute back whenever possible (such as the WHM difficulty algorithm). Future features will include uncle mining (using the DECOR+ protocol) and a pending whitepaper regarding a Blocktree protocol which is aimed at solving on-chain scalability.

CryptoNight Fast – CN-Fast[edit]

CryptoNight Fast (CN-Fast) is a new CryptoNight Variant developed by Masari team. To mitigate potential attacks and to reduce centralization issues Masari forked at block height 204,000 and replaced CNv7 with CN-Fast algorithm.

CN-Fast is not half scratchpad like CryptoNight-Lite. It is same algo as Monero using 2MB scratchpad but uses less iterations. This results in higher hashrate hence the name CryptoNight Fast. This algorithm is currently NiceHash and ASIC resistant and it is mineable using both CPU and GPU. Now as we know a little about CN Fast let’s see why to mine Masari?

Masari is a CryptoNote coin and a decentralized cryptocurrency that is focused on scalability. This coin is secure, untraceable, fungible and has all privacy features which Monero possess. Also it uses LWMA (Linear Weight Moving Average) difficulty adjustment algorithm which ensures the block times are stable. In addition to that it also features uncle mining. So with CN-Fast, LWMA and uncle mining Masari offers more fair and egalitarian mining. Now as you know the benefits of mining Masari coin let’s see how to mine MSR.


  • Name: Masari
  • Ticker: MSR
  • PoW Algorithm: CryptoNight Fast
  • Max Supply: ~18.5 million (with tail emission)
  • Block Reward Smoothly varying recurrence relation starting at around 35 MSR per block, block_reward(block_height) = (2^64 - 1 - total_supply(block_height - 1)) * 2 ^ -19 * 10 ^ -12
  • Block Target Time 120sec
  • Decimal Places: 8
  • Difficulty Adjustment: Re-targets at every block
  • Genesis Block: Saturday, 2 September 2017 21:20:46 UTC

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