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Matrix AI Network (MAN) is a digital token which is part of the evolving ecosystem, seeking to make the most comfortable, flexible and perfect platform based on the blockchain. The developers of Matrix AI Network aim to create a third generation blockchain platform that would be intuitive to each user, and its integration into the existing business would not have problems.


Since the Matrix AI Network project is in development, the team still does not have a ready solution. At this stage, the developers of Matrix AI Network (MAN) are engaged in the solution of 4 main tasks:

  • Expansion of smart contracts functionality;
  • Creation of models available smart contracts;
  • Development of adaptable infrastructure that could keep pace with the development of digital technologies;
  • Platform scalability - according to the plans of MAN developers, their network should allow up to 1 million transactions per second.

Developers will have to solve these problems within the next 2 years.


The main functionality of the platform has already been implemented. According to the roadmap, the Matrix AI Network (MAN) project will move at this pace:

  • September 2018 - completion of the platform infrastructure;
  • the end of 2018 - development of consensus mechanism combining PoW and PoS;
  • April 2019 - work on security of Matrix AI Network blockchain;
  • the beginning of 2020 - the implementation of the mining system.

Where to buy[edit]

On March 27, 2018, Matrix AI Network tokens have been added for trading on the stock exchange IDEX with the cost 60 cents for one token. The project capitalization exceeds 85 million dollars, it allows the project to be ranked among first 100 projects. The maximum value of the Matrix AI Network cryptocurrency reached $1.36.

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