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Max Crowdfund is developing an international real estate crowdfunding platform and real estate management software. The platform is being developed on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), or blockchain, and as such large parts will be decentralised. The platform will also be subject to regulation by financial authorities in the jurisdictions where it will operate.

The platform is built on an Ardor child chain, the Max Property Group blockchain.

The loan documents for real estate funding will be standardised and the fundraising opportunities will be registered on the blockchain as a "Controlled Asset".

Real estate ownership as well as sales agreements, rental agreements and real estate maintenance transactions will be registered on the blockchain, thus providing 100% transparency regarding historical information about a real estate object.

Assets created on the blockchain will be completely transparent and the asset tokens will be tradable on the Max Crowdfund platform thus making them liquid.

After obtaining the required regulatory licenses, third party companies can create regulatory compliant assets, which can be purchased and traded by registered, KYC compliant users on Max Crowdfund.

Max Crowdfund is owned by Max Property Group, which besides the crowdfunding platform, has the following activities within the Group:

* Max Property Academy
* Max Property Capital
* Max Property Funds
* Max Property Management
* Max Property Rentals

Max Property Group has thousands of properties under management and assists many real estate investors with renting out their properties.

This places Max Crowdfund in a unique position (USP), as we can make the platform fully functional with our own real estate before opening it up to third parties.

Max Crowdfund will operate two types of tokens. The child chain’s native token (MPG) is used to pay transaction fees for registering transactions on the Max Property Group blockchain, which makes it a utility token.

The standardised, regulatory compliant assets created on Max Crowdfund, will be the second type of tokens, as they will represent property funds, bonds, loan notes, project finance, etc. and as such are security tokens.

Max Property Group

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Max Property Group (MPG) token details

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