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MDsquare is an incentivized blockchain based telemedicine platform. The service connects patients to medical specialists anywhere in the world. Built on the Ethereum platform, MDsquare uses smart contracts that allow patients to make one payment that automatically gets split up and paid out to all involved caregivers and support staff: the doctor, the interpreter when necessary, and if the physician requests lifestyle data be shared from a fitness wearable, the IoT device manufacturer. Furthermore, being on the blockchain allows encrypted medical files to be shared securely, and even enables the patient to optionally sell anonymized medical data directly to medical research companies.

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • ICO amount  : 1,200,000,000 TMED (1.2B)

MDsquare Review[edit]

MDsquare telemedicine blockchain platform is made up of 6 main parts.

  • Remote video consultation solution
  • Blockchain Personal Health Data Management Solution
  • Remote health monitoring service
  • Promote sharing of medical knowledge information and marketing solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence Medical Chatbot
  • Cryptocurrency payment solution

What MDsquare can do for:

For Patients[edit]

Find the doctor best-suited to your needs and enjoy a teleconsultation “house call” in the comfort of your own living room.

For Doctors[edit]

Connect with your patients in a professional setting without the hassle of an over-packed clinic, and receive immediate payment.

Language Barrier[edit]

For when a doctor and patient speak different languages, interpreters are always available to provide translation services both ways.

TMED Token[edit]

TMED is the Ethereum ERC20 token that is used on our Incentivized Blockchain based Telemedicine platform. The TMED tokens are available for virtually all activities that occur within the MDsquare platform and can be stored in a private Wallet and traded at an external exchange. In addition, the TMED token can and will be used for payment at actual physical hospitals. A TMED Payment Solution will be provided to enable medical institutions belonging to the MDsquare Medical Network to pay medical bills with TMED.

Modernizing MedTech[edit]

Our new token, TMED, will help create a fair health-care ecosystem, while smart contracts enable automatization. Doctors, patients and others in the healthcare ecosystem who take part in building a healthy, anonymized data-sharing economy will also be rewarded with loyalty points that they can easily convert to fiat currencies, and can also be used to pay for MDsquare services.

TMED Tokens[edit]

  • Paid to all service providers.
  • Staking tokens ensures benefits.
  • Can purchase loyalty points direct.

IoT Intergration[edit]

•Doctors can check up on patients’ lifestyles via smart wearable data,patients reward with tokens

Smart Contracts[edit]

•Enables video calls,data monitoring,auto-payments,IoT API application and more

Medical Confidentiality[edit]

•Your medical records are 100% secured via encrypted blockchain hashes.

Token Economics[edit]

  • TOTAL AMOUNT : 4,000,000,000 TMED (4B)
  • Token Price : 1TMED=0.0000125 ETH
  • Token Exchange rate : 80,000 TMED = 1 ETH
  • Hard Cap : 15,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap : 2,250 ETH

Social Media[edit]

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  2. MDsquare Twitter
  3. MDsquare Bitcointalk
  4. MDsquare Medium
  5. MDsquare Reddit


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