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MeetnGreetMe platform has been designed to make travel experiences around the world personalized and help travelers save their precious time, and the tasks associated with planning, pass on to reliable and dedicated locals.


The project is relatively young and was registered only in the first quarter of 2016 in Estonia, as a platform with an integrated payment system which according to the data from official sources has a little more than 700 verified users, several hundred transactions and about a thousand requests for transactions in different cities around the world. It is worth noting that the introduction of blockchain and smart contracts into the product will take place only in 4Q 2018.

The project plans to use blockchain technology for standard procedures: accelerating transactions and reducing costs. The token will be the platform's key currency and will be used for purposes with numerous features:

  • Transactions: payment of service fees, payment for services.
  • Motivating involvement, stimulation comuntiy: reward for actions of developing a platform, writing content, attracting new people willing to provide their services, the involvement of partners, verification of users and much more.


The project was founded by 3 people: Elena Shkarubo (CEO), Nikolai Vygovsky (lead designer) and Andrey Gaidukevich (SRT). The team of founders is young, their experience is confirmed in social networks and they are not just businessmen, but also those who can develop a product, which usually increases the chances of producing a good product.


MeetnGreetMe will issue 150,000,000 tokens, standard ERC20, WelcomeCoins (WEL), 75,000,000 of which will be available for purchase during the public sale. 1 WEL is 0.0004 ETH or $0.10. If the minimum target is not met, all participants will be fully reimbursed. The purchased tokens will be transferred to the wallets of the owners immediately after the ICO. Unsold WelcomeCoins will be frozen for two years. After this period, they will be released for community development by encouraging the desired actions. Softcap is 1 000 000 USD. Hardcap is $7 million or 70 million WEL tokens.


The total amount available for pre-sale will not exceed 5 000 000 WELs. A part of this amount will be used to support the marketing activity of the subsequent campaign for the public sale of tokens. The rest will be added to the tokens purchased during the ICO and distributed accordingly.

Distribution of funds after ICO[edit]

  • 35% of the funds will cover the costs aimed at increasing the brand awareness of MeetnGreetMe.
  • 30% of the raised funds will be directed to the development of the platform and the introduction of new functionality (user-friendly interface, planning tools, rating system, quality system, incentive system, user roles, etc.); mobile application, CRM-system implementation.
  • 20% of the funds will go to the community development, the involvement and training.
  • 10% of the funds will cover daily expenses, legal issues.
  • 5% of the raised funds will be transferred to the founders of the business for their 2-year work. This amount will be frozen for 11 months, and then will be available for withdrawals on a monthly basis.

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