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Merge Mining, also known as, is a merge mining pool that allows mining bitcoins BTC - Bitcoin, CRW - Crowncoin, DVC - Devcoin, HUC - Huntercoin, I0C - I0Coin, XMY/MYR - Myriad, NMC - Namecoin, SYS - Syscoin, UNO - Unobtainium, TRC - Terracoin, ARG - Argentum

Reward distribution[edit]

  • 1% fee with Double geometric method for bitcoin rewards.
  • PPS method for merged mining rewards.
  • Payout available as soon as clears it confirmations and becomes available to send. There are no coins kept on servers to discourage hackers.
  • Transaction fees are shared to the miners of the pool.

Extra Features[edit]

  • Stratum support with merge mining
  • Slack channel available to talk with devs
  • Support via email, Slack, or in-built ticket system.

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